About TdO

About the Ride

 The Tour de Oahe is back in 2020!  Join us on Sunday, June 21, 2020 to take a bicycle tour of Lake Oahe and the Missouri River.  

Event History

This will be the third consecutive year of the Tour de Oahe after a 2 year break.  

Event Highlights

 This year there will be 3 routes: 1) a metric century (67 miles); 2) a medium distance route (40 miles); and 3) a shorter "dam ride".  The 40 mile route this year includes a scenic ride to the Buffalo Interpretive Center.  The 67 mile route will take you past the interpretive center to a breathtaking overlook of the Missouri River.  

2020 Routes

Long Route


You will finish this ride feeling accomplished after completing category 4 and category 5 hill climbs, all the while taking in the spectacular views of the Oahe Dam, Missouri River, Buffalo Interpretive Center, and the State Capitol!  The first leg of the ride takes you out of the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area and through historic Fort Pierre where you will turn onto highway 1806 where you ride past the Buffalo Interpretive Center and end up at a scenic overlook of the Missouri River.  After taking in the view, you will turn around a head back into town and make your way across the bridge into Pierre.  The path through Pierre goes by the State Capitol and the "Gulch".  After the quick tour of Pierre, you will head back towards the dam taking highway 1804.  The ride will take you across the face of the Oahe Dam with a quick jaunt west on highway 1806 past the spillways to Cut Across Road.  From here, you will turn back around and enjoy the ride back down to the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area.

Medium Route


This route starts out similar to the Long Route, except the turn around on 1806 is at the Buffalo Interpretive Center and the jaunt on West 1806 will turn around at the top of "Billy Goat".

Dam Loop


Want to skip the excursion to the Buffalo Interpretive Center and West 1806?  The Dam Loop will take you from the dam into Fort Pierre, though Pierre, and back towards the dam on highway 1804. You still get to see the State Capitol and do the signature ride across the face of the Oahe Dam.


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